Winter WonFes 2016 Nendoroid Top Picks

The Winter WonFes 2016 Nendoroid just ended and GSC just showed us a glimpse of their lineup for the year. For today’s blog, Nendoism and DarkdaemonPK2 teamed today to comment about their top picks and the reason behind it.

Our panelists for today:



Nendoism here is just one of the active moderators of this site. She likes cats and Nendoroids as well. Though at times too busy to maintain the site, she sometimes let others help maintain the place.



Moderator of the site Darkdaemonpk2, DarkdaemonPK2 (is that not redundant or what?) sometimes assists with mod activities in Nendoism and is a full time blog writer in his own site. He also likes cats and is an amateur cartoonist but sometimes feel he has two left hands when drawing in which it sometimes results to tragedy.


Nendoism’s Top Picks


First will be Shoukaku, since I’m a fan of Kancolle and a player as well. I find her Nendoroid so cute so yes!


And next will be Zuikaku, Shoukaku’s sister ship, I like her since she’s twintailed and she’s my spirit animal in the series/game. Her history in real life is so incredible, she’s known for killing lots of american navy’s in the past.


Next will be Akizuki, mainly because she’s cute, and she’s known for being an anti aircraft destroyer.


4th wil be Mashuu (Shielder) because she is in Fate/Grand Order. She’s quite mysterious and I dont know her story. She’s new in the series.

Shielder is a scrapped idea for the Fate/stay night series. It is supposed to be the opposite of Saber.

Yeah, they said her shield can summon servants as a catalyst. It even summoned a “god of Artemis.”

My 5th will be a shota

Okay, bring it on.


This is a shota?


…and why do you like this?

Because of his long sword and I got him in the game as well but I don’t play the game that much.

DarkdaemonPK2’s Top Picks

Nendoroid Card Captor Sakura.jpg

I actualy HATE Card Captor Sakura and want her DEAD but since she is wearing a cute nekomimi outfit, I’ll let her slide… But next time she is dead.

Hahahahahahahahhahha! We share the same thing.

Nendoroid Rockman X

Next for me is X from the Rockman X series.


I don’t like the X series that much but at least the games are good. Since there was already a Rockman Nendoroid, I guess X will be the logical step for GSC. I wonder how he will look like in chibi?

Nendoroid Racing Mik

Next will be a Racing Miku  and she looks okay as well. A race car show w/o a race queen is like a car without a powerful engine.

Nendoroid Rem

I like this because it is wearing a maid costume. I have a weakness for maids. Plus the girl is cute as well. Makes me want to have her do a somersault.


Nendoroid Libeccio (Kantai Collection -KanColle-).jpg

I also like this but I’m really not a huge fan of ship girls. I prefer her heavy armaments be removed and just have her wear her sailor outfit.

Oooh the italian ship.

Nendoroid Kylo Ren

Since there was already a Darth Vader Nendoroid released, the next logical step, aside from capitalizing from the Star Wars franchise, is to release a Nendoroid of Kylo Ren. The force is also strong in this one.


And this concludes today’s comments about what we like for the winter wonfes 2016. What is your favorite from the line-up? How about your least favorite? Please write your thoughts on the comment section below about your thoughts and have a good day!

-Nendoism Team and DarkdaemonPK2


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