Nendoroid Review: Morizonno Ricca

Hello everyone, DarkdaemonPK2 here, the assistant admin of Nendoism at your service. It seems like ages since we did a Nendoroid review due to our busy schedule and we apologize for that. Today’s review will be about Nendoroid #334: Morizonno Ricca from the Visual Novel game D.C. III or Da Capo III.


I personally have not watched the anime adaptation or played any of the VN games so I really cannot comment anything about her the character but seeing how cute this Nendoroid is, it was motive enough for me to purchase her. NO seriously, its because she has an extra uniform inside the box so that IS the real reason why I got her making it a 2 for 1 deal. It is all about the freebies, baby!


After opening the box, we can see here a lot of interesting parts and accessories. We have the standard happy faceplate, winking happy faceplate, and an upset faceplate. There is a cape, a wand that is permanently stuck on one of the hands, an extra bent leg, a pair of arms for each body and different pairs of hands. There is also a pair of twin tails (pig tails if you may) that we can interchange with the standard ones that are already on the head of the nendoroid by default.


And here we have Ricca wearing her default uniform which looks good on her which is further amplified by her cuteness.

You can rotate the elbows (I’m sorry, I don’t know the specific name of that part of the body) on the arms which will give you freedom for more poses for Ricca.


For you to use the cape, just detach the head and place it on the neck joint before attaching the head again. The cape is on a fluttery design to make it look like there is a slight breeze or wind going to the character (I prefer it not fluttery). Nothing special about the wand although you can use that for all sorts of things given you have a good imagination.


And here we have Ricca on her 2nd uniform utilizing the bent leg for other poses. I Actually like the 2nd uniform better (or is it because I have a uniform fetish :3).

“I command you…”

You can change the twin tails to a slight horizontal one which can be used like for a breeze or wind effect or can stimulate an angry mood.


The box also came together with this brace with a thin plug. Let’s just call it mini brace for the meantime. This needs to be screwed to another brace if you want to have another nendoroid wear the other uniform at the same time. Now, let me explain in detail about the things I found out about this. Both of the bodies (or uniforms) has a pentagon hole instead of the regular round ones found on most nendoroids. Every time you want to use both uniforms, then you need to screw (like literally unscrew the screws and connect it) the mini brace to an existing brace. It is not really an issue but it is somehow painstaking and tedious if you want to use the mini brace to your other existing braces.

Also because of the size of the hair, this nendoroid has limited head movement and the only way you can change the position of the head is by altering the angle of the body and the brace to create different poses.

cute :3

Overall, despite the few flaws I was able to expose, this is still a good nendoroid and a must have if you are a Da Capo fan. The accessories and different poses for the arms and hand gestures provides plenty of possibilities to model your nendoroid in any way possible. And we can all agree that having another body inside is like literally buying 2 nendoroids at the same which is a great value. Thank you again for reading today’s post and I hope you enjoyed it!

-Nendoism Team and DarkdaemonPK2

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Moderator of the site Darkdaemonpk2, DarkdaemonPK2 (is that not redundant or what?) sometimes assists with mod activities in Nendoism and is a full time blog writer in his own site. He also likes cats and is an amateur cartoonist but sometimes feel he has two left hands when drawing in which it usually results to tragedy. You can click here to check out his shenanigans in life.


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