We are a team of nendoroid collectors/owners and mostly we share our nendoroid photos. We are also going to post our future activities and events so stay tuned! We are always welcome to accept new members just message our facebook fanpage: facebook.com/nendoism so we can talk about it., we’re mostly from the Philippines so if you’re living here that would be great so you can hang out and cooperate with us!


6 thoughts on “About

    1. Oooh! 😀 That’s nice to know 😀 We encourage you to post your nendoroid photos in our page then we will share it to our wall :3 facebook.com/nendoism


      1. i just recently moved to the states from the philippines. I got hooked on nendoroids when I discovered them for the first time here xD. I have some photos at my instagram page @omhyjosh. Do you guys have a page I could follow there?


      2. hi josh! sorry for the super late reply, XD currently I got my hands full so I have no one to manage this website, however our facebook page is very responsive, and oh yes we have an official instagram account, @yuutadfm. We’ll check out your instagram account asap! >w<


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