Nendoroid Review: Morizonno Ricca

Hello everyone, DarkdaemonPK2 here, the assistant admin of Nendoism at your service. It seems like ages since we did a Nendoroid review due to our busy schedule and we apologize for that. Today’s review will be about Nendoroid #334: Morizonno Ricca from the Visual Novel game D.C. III or Da Capo III.


I personally have not watched the anime adaptation or played any of the VN games so I really cannot comment anything about her the character but seeing how cute this Nendoroid is, it was motive enough for me to purchase her. NO seriously, its because she has an extra uniform inside the box so that IS the real reason why I got her making it a 2 for 1 deal. It is all about the freebies, baby!


After opening the box, we can see here a lot of interesting parts and accessories. We have the standard happy faceplate, winking happy faceplate, and an upset faceplate. There is a cape, a wand that is permanently stuck on one of the hands, an extra bent leg, a pair of arms for each body and different pairs of hands. There is also a pair of twin tails (pig tails if you may) that we can interchange with the standard ones that are already on the head of the nendoroid by default.


And here we have Ricca wearing her default uniform which looks good on her which is further amplified by her cuteness.

You can rotate the elbows (I’m sorry, I don’t know the specific name of that part of the body) on the arms which will give you freedom for more poses for Ricca.


For you to use the cape, just detach the head and place it on the neck joint before attaching the head again. The cape is on a fluttery design to make it look like there is a slight breeze or wind going to the character (I prefer it not fluttery). Nothing special about the wand although you can use that for all sorts of things given you have a good imagination.


And here we have Ricca on her 2nd uniform utilizing the bent leg for other poses. I Actually like the 2nd uniform better (or is it because I have a uniform fetish :3).

“I command you…”

You can change the twin tails to a slight horizontal one which can be used like for a breeze or wind effect or can stimulate an angry mood.


The box also came together with this brace with a thin plug. Let’s just call it mini brace for the meantime. This needs to be screwed to another brace if you want to have another nendoroid wear the other uniform at the same time. Now, let me explain in detail about the things I found out about this. Both of the bodies (or uniforms) has a pentagon hole instead of the regular round ones found on most nendoroids. Every time you want to use both uniforms, then you need to screw (like literally unscrew the screws and connect it) the mini brace to an existing brace. It is not really an issue but it is somehow painstaking and tedious if you want to use the mini brace to your other existing braces.

Also because of the size of the hair, this nendoroid has limited head movement and the only way you can change the position of the head is by altering the angle of the body and the brace to create different poses.

cute :3

Overall, despite the few flaws I was able to expose, this is still a good nendoroid and a must have if you are a Da Capo fan. The accessories and different poses for the arms and hand gestures provides plenty of possibilities to model your nendoroid in any way possible. And we can all agree that having another body inside is like literally buying 2 nendoroids at the same which is a great value. Thank you again for reading today’s post and I hope you enjoyed it!

-Nendoism Team and DarkdaemonPK2

About DarkdaemonPK2…



Moderator of the site Darkdaemonpk2, DarkdaemonPK2 (is that not redundant or what?) sometimes assists with mod activities in Nendoism and is a full time blog writer in his own site. He also likes cats and is an amateur cartoonist but sometimes feel he has two left hands when drawing in which it usually results to tragedy. You can click here to check out his shenanigans in life.


Easter Morning Sky


A beautiful sunshine, blue skies and a refreshing sound of a glass wind chime in Azunyan’s Japanese home on Easter Sunday.




“The Easter Rabbits”



DSC00266-2Aww.. the rabbit likes her. :3

That’s all for today everyone. I wish you all a bright and cheerful Easter!

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Winter WonFes 2016 Nendoroid Top Picks

The Winter WonFes 2016 Nendoroid just ended and GSC just showed us a glimpse of their lineup for the year. For today’s blog, Nendoism and DarkdaemonPK2 teamed today to comment about their top picks and the reason behind it.

Our panelists for today:



Nendoism here is just one of the active moderators of this site. She likes cats and Nendoroids as well. Though at times too busy to maintain the site, she sometimes let others help maintain the place.



Moderator of the site Darkdaemonpk2, DarkdaemonPK2 (is that not redundant or what?) sometimes assists with mod activities in Nendoism and is a full time blog writer in his own site. He also likes cats and is an amateur cartoonist but sometimes feel he has two left hands when drawing in which it sometimes results to tragedy.


Nendoism’s Top Picks


First will be Shoukaku, since I’m a fan of Kancolle and a player as well. I find her Nendoroid so cute so yes!


And next will be Zuikaku, Shoukaku’s sister ship, I like her since she’s twintailed and she’s my spirit animal in the series/game. Her history in real life is so incredible, she’s known for killing lots of american navy’s in the past.


Next will be Akizuki, mainly because she’s cute, and she’s known for being an anti aircraft destroyer.


4th wil be Mashuu (Shielder) because she is in Fate/Grand Order. She’s quite mysterious and I dont know her story. She’s new in the series.

Shielder is a scrapped idea for the Fate/stay night series. It is supposed to be the opposite of Saber.

Yeah, they said her shield can summon servants as a catalyst. It even summoned a “god of Artemis.”

My 5th will be a shota

Okay, bring it on.


This is a shota?


…and why do you like this?

Because of his long sword and I got him in the game as well but I don’t play the game that much.

DarkdaemonPK2’s Top Picks

Nendoroid Card Captor Sakura.jpg

I actualy HATE Card Captor Sakura and want her DEAD but since she is wearing a cute nekomimi outfit, I’ll let her slide… But next time she is dead.

Hahahahahahahahhahha! We share the same thing.

Nendoroid Rockman X

Next for me is X from the Rockman X series.


I don’t like the X series that much but at least the games are good. Since there was already a Rockman Nendoroid, I guess X will be the logical step for GSC. I wonder how he will look like in chibi?

Nendoroid Racing Mik

Next will be a Racing Miku  and she looks okay as well. A race car show w/o a race queen is like a car without a powerful engine.

Nendoroid Rem

I like this because it is wearing a maid costume. I have a weakness for maids. Plus the girl is cute as well. Makes me want to have her do a somersault.


Nendoroid Libeccio (Kantai Collection -KanColle-).jpg

I also like this but I’m really not a huge fan of ship girls. I prefer her heavy armaments be removed and just have her wear her sailor outfit.

Oooh the italian ship.

Nendoroid Kylo Ren

Since there was already a Darth Vader Nendoroid released, the next logical step, aside from capitalizing from the Star Wars franchise, is to release a Nendoroid of Kylo Ren. The force is also strong in this one.


And this concludes today’s comments about what we like for the winter wonfes 2016. What is your favorite from the line-up? How about your least favorite? Please write your thoughts on the comment section below about your thoughts and have a good day!

-Nendoism Team and DarkdaemonPK2

Nendoroid Review: Miss Monochrome

Before we start the review, who is Miss Monochrome anyway?

Miss Monochrome is an original character created and voiced by a Japanese singer and voice actress Yui Horie, first appearing as a 3D virtual singer in March 2012 at the concert Horie Yui o Meguru Bōken III ~Secret Mission Tour~. A 13-episode anime television series by Liden Films aired in Japan between October and December 2013. A manga series began serialization in Kodansha‘s Good! Afternoon magazine in February 2014. (source:Wikipedia)

She also have some random appearances in an anime series “Golden time” 11th episode where she’s passing by in a party…

See that...
See that…

That’s not all but let’s get straight to the review anyway~

So here’s her box!
Her box looks classy and simple, it really matches her color. But let’s not focus on the box, let’s open the box and get the figure!

omg ;w;
omg ;w;

Here she is! She’s just so adorable. She doesn’t have that much accessories but it’s pretty decent enough, She’s not really expensive so it’s a good deal specially if you’re a fan of Miss Monochrome…

so adorbs.
so adorbs.

Let’s take a better look at her accessories!

at the bottom inside the box, it includes stickers for the mysterious box and a manual.
At the bottom inside the box, it includes a sticker for the mysterious box and a manual.
She has a standard stand and an extra neck piece. As you can see, her neck piece is different compared to the usual skin toned neck piece. We can actually understand why her neck piece is black so let’s not specify that much.
These are her alternative arm pieces for her different poses and she has only a one alternative  face plate.
These are her alternative arm pieces for her different poses and she has only one alternative face plate.
Aaand these are her accessories from the series~ a battery and that electric box? which you can open and close 'cause you can insert the battery inside it so miss monochrome and Ruu-chan (roomba) can recharge 'cause Miss Monochrome is an android girl. And a mysterious looking box.
Aaand these are her accessories from the series~ a battery and that electric box? which you can open and close ’cause you can insert the battery inside it so miss monochrome and Ruu-chan (roomba) can recharge ’cause Miss Monochrome is an android girl. And she has a mysterious looking box (we will see that later).
Here's what it looks like when you open the electric box(?) lol sorry idk what's the specific name of this one.
Here’s what it looks like when you open the electric box(?) lol sorry idk what’s the specific name of this one.
So here's the mysterious looking box! The mysterious looking box is actually a nendoroid box!
So here’s the mysterious looking box! The mysterious looking box is actually a nendoroid box!

And Finally, The figure herself.

she's so cute ;A;
she’s so cute ;A;

So here’s all of her pieces…


And here are some poses you can do to her~




Isn’t she so adorable?? She’s a highly recommended nendoroid specially if you’re a fan of Miss Monochrome and Yui Horie herself. Don’t miss her! Grab her while she’s still there!

Are you a fan of Miss Monochrome? Do you own this nendoroid? Feel free to comment below if anything…

Thank you for visiting and reading this, Until next time! so stay tuned.

How to Maintain/Wash Nendoroids or PVC figures

When nendoroids or PVC figures in general left for a long period of time, sticky layers and stains will often develop on the surface of the figure specially on FP’s (faceplates).

But first, let’s discuss about how are these sticky fluid develop? What causes it?

The reason why figures become sticky is because of the plasticizer used when making them. This plasticizer is added to the PVC (the main material used in figures) in order to make it softer – the more mixed in with the PVC, the softer and more flexible it becomes. However, over a long period of time this plasticizer vaporizes, and when this happens while a figure is sealed up in it’s box the vaporized plasticizer has nowhere to go, and thus sticks onto the surface of the figure creating a sticky layer.

How to Prevent the Stickiness:

・ Don’t leave figures in the sun for long periods of time. (This causes the plasticizer to vaporize faster)

・ Don’t leave figures in sealed boxes for too long. (This includes leaving them in the blister packs!) Source: Mikatan’s blog, goodsmileinfo

So let’s proceed how to remove the stickiness, stains and cleaning it at the same time…


Dismantle all nendoroid parts and put them together in a container or in a tub so we can wash them thoroughly…

Time for a bath!
Time for a bath!

Let’s pour enough tap water after we gather the parts in a container…

Lets pour the water!!
Lets pour the water!!

Now, this is the very important part, use a dish washing liquid (don’t worry, it’s safe!) and mix it with the water… Soak the parts  depending on the stickiness or stains, We suggest 30 minutes to an hour if your pvc figures are very sticky or dirty, but in this case we’ll be skipping that part so we will now proceed to the next procedure…

Let the bubbles come out!
Let the bubbles come out!

Rub every parts of your figure specially the faceplates gently or you can use soft sponge to do this so the stains and stickiness will come off easily. Don’t worry this procedure is safe, the paint job and matte finish will never come off if you followed our procedures.

rub rub rub!! gently!
rub rub rub!! gently!

Finally we just need to rinse them after gently rubbing the parts, drain the water mixed with dish washing liquid first and pour enough water again to completely rinse the parts. Make sure to rinse them well!

Rinse Rinse Rinse!!
Rinse Rinse Rinse!!

Last but not the least, gather the parts on a soft towel to dry them and you can use a hair blower to quickly dry the figures, but avoid setting it in a high temperature so you wouldn’t damage the parts.

I’m just using a fan here to dry them off LMAO OTL



Good as new!
Good as new!

You can use these procedures to any kind of PVC figures so Good luck!!

Comment below if you have your own method of cleaning and washing your figures, we also want to know!

Hanabi Festival

Announced nearly two months prior the event date, the festival’s initial venue was at Liwasang Bayan ng Cainta. The appeal of the event drew in a considerable amount of attendees (almost two thousand), that it pushed the organizers to move the venue to the open grounds at Club Manila East, next to the municipal hall.

Early morning of the event day (11/29/2014), the organizers announced that the sponsors who would be providing the fireworks were not able to make it. Consequently, the starting time was moved to 1400H. To many people it was understandable, as the sponsors backing out was beyond their control. Others took it as a sign that the event would be a failure.

At 1400H, the sound system and stage were still being set up

The booths and shops weren’t at the field, but at the covered area beside the venue. We decided to wait for an hour and have a small shoot and picnic at the sidewalk. At that time, two of the organizers were approaching and apologizing to people for the delay. It was the least they could do.

"Eehh....? What's happening?"
“Eehh….? Where’s the candied apple booth? And the mask booth? And the food booths??”

Soon enough, clear weather turned into moderate rain, which placed organizers in a pinch. The municipal hall was not able to provide enough tents for the shop owners, so they had to relocate to the hall itself.

Wonder if that disrupted any office work
Wonder if that disrupted any office work

The organizers then announced that the event itself would occur inside the hall, but cancelled that shortly afterwards, since the sound system would have to be moved for that to happen. Some more tents were set up at the field, and the event finally began at almost 1800H. The emcees tried their best to keep the audience entertained, with varying levels of success. Raffles for three Hanabi Festival shirts took place, followed up by the karaoke contest, live bands, and ended with a few fireworks which the organizers managed to scrounge up.

There are lessons to be learned from that day.

The event looked promising, being advertised as the “first in the Philippines”. The release of venue concept art (credit: AGCF) surely fired everyone up. However, having euphoric expectations will only disappoint us when shot down. We can only lower our often grandiose assumptions, and hope that in case they aren’t met, at least we won’t feel as bad.

Organizers should always think of the worst case situation, which in this event was the backing out of the sponsors, and to an extent, the rain.Worst case scenarios deal critical blows to events unless a back-up plan was formulated. The spirit and morale of the attendees worsen as the organizers become increasingly fazed. Instead of sulking however, they were able to communicate with the attendees their difficulties, resulting in some goers offering to assist in setting up the venue.

Lastly, as cliche as it may sound, we should appreciate the efforts of the organizers even if we think it was for naught. They did everything in their power to make sure the event started and finished. While they lacked the foresight to hold the event during summer, or contingency plans in cases of emergency, they were able to put at least 10% of the hanabi in “Hanabi Festival”.

Were you at the event? How was it? We would like to hear your thoughts.

(it definitely wasn’t as bad as DashCon)

Nendoism: A New Team

Nendoroid is one of the most popular anime figures nowadays, lots of awesome Nendoroid photos are being posted around the internet. Lots of figure collector teams are being formed as well. And of course, a team cannot be formed without an individual, so for now, I’ll be speaking as an individual Nendoroid enthusiast. I’ve been always posting a lot of Nendoroid shots on my personal Facebook account, my friends are liking my photos and keep on complimenting about how cute Nendoroids are. And of course there are people who’s into these cute stuffs around me. Then one day, I got tired and sometimes I’m running out of ideas, I wish I could buy all Nendoroids of my favorite characters so I could shoot more. So I came up with this idea to collaborate with my friends so we could share more Nendoroid photos of different characters we love. And so we formed Nendoism; We are Nendoroid enthusiasts who love to share our Nendoroid photography! So here’s a few of our shots…

Miku is having fun running on the grass field!
Miku is having fun running on the grass field!
Kuroneko chillin'
Kuroneko chillin’
Took this shot at Nuvali Sta. Rosa Laguna, Philippines
Took this shot at Nuvali Sta. Rosa Laguna, Philippines
it seems they're having fun...
it seems they’re having fun…
Lucky star petits Golden Week special
Lucky star petits Golden Week special
Miku on stage.
Miku on stage.
Tea time with magical girls! They are sooo cute!!
Tea time with magical girls! They are sooo cute!!